Fan Created Stuff rules

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Fan Created Stuff rules

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:03 pm

Apart from the usual rules, the creative section has it's own rules:
Please do not post other people's work. First try to contact the author, and offer him/her to post it themselves. If not, then ask for their permission to post it, and then give them the credit. If you don't know the author, and have no way to learn his identity, you may post his work under the heading: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHOSE IS THIS? The claiming of another person's work will not be tolerated.

No media on this forum will be explicit in any way. If you think something you will post can be inappropiate for some people, but it is not entirely disgusting or barbaric, you may post a link to it, and warn about the content. Links to completely unappropiate things will be erased.

To serve as an example: if somebody draws a scene of the battle of manhattan, where demigods and monsters are fighting each other, some blood and violence can be expected. If it gets a little too intense, do not post the photo, but a link leading to the photo, and a warning about it's violent nature. If the drawing is extremely gory and disgusting, it will be erased.


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