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Forum General Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:44 pm

Greetings, half bloods.

This is a forum for you. A forum to discuss everything PJO related. The aim is, of course, to strengthen the ties which bind our community together, and have fun. You can see fan art, fanfictions, theories and so on here, and post your own. However, the place has some rules, of course. The breaking of these rules will result in sanctions, from just a warning, to temporarily being kicked from the server to even permanent banning.

General rules:
-Use only english.I know that many of us are from other parts of the world. I, the administrator, am spanish myself. However, english is the international language, and it will be used for all communication in this server.

-Absolutely no flaming, trolling, or bullying. Let us be civilized people. No flaming will be allowed here. If somebody wants to pick a fight, i recommend he goes to a boxing club. We, on the other hand, are here to talk about something we like. Trolling will not be tolerated either. We all like to have fun, and we all like to prank each other in a friendly way. But when that gets out of hand, feelings are hurt, and people get banned. There will be no permissiveness.

-Keep the forum appropiate. We are a fandom that includes people from all corners of the world. Different ages, cultures, religions, nationalities. That is why no disrespect towards any person or group will be allowed. Also, absolutely no violent, sexually explicit, racist, or otherwise unappropiate content will be allowed.

-Write like a human being. Of course not everyone has the same fluency in english. Of course not all of us are from english-speaking countries. I am spanish, and I have probably made a thousand mistakes in this post so far. So, we are not going to turn into grammar nazis here. But, nonetheless, please try to keep a proper spelling and grammar. Writing like a barbarian on purpose is not allowed. Do not use numbers as letters. Furthermore, swear words and vulgarities are forbidden.

-Respect other's opinions. Look, we all have different opinions. Nobody can expect a group of people to get together and agree on exactly everything. Arguments are bound to spring up sometime. However, all opinions will be respected. Above all, if an admin or moderator gives an order, it is compulsory to follow it. Should someone find injustice in a moderator's order, he or she will carry it out, and THEN write a PM to the leader of the forum (the author of this post) explaining the situation and why he or she believes it is unfair.

That is all. Let us hope no situations spring up so that these rules have to be expanded. Welcome and have fun!


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